Leonardo Acerbi Wines  is a young company which benefits from the long and well established experience of its founder member. The enologist Leonardo Acerbi, after years of experience in the selection of raw materials (grapes) and in the production processes of different qualities of Italian wines, decided to colect these experiences to give life to a project that brings together all the best Italy has to offer in terms of wine.

North of Venice, surrounded by the gentle Treviso hills, Conegliano iso ne fo the capitals of the great Italian food and wine tradition. This area is ideal for the cultivation of Prosecco and the finest grapes ripen to became protagonists in the extremely careful vinification processes, noble raw materials for top quality wines. It i salso home to the  “Accademia della Vite e del Vino” (Academy of Vine and Wine), a prestigious internationally famous institute. A corner of “bella Italia” that iso ne of the most captivating in Europe,  nestling between the splendid Dolomites and breezes blowing off the nearby Adriatic sea.

“Pro 9.9.9 ”, “Pro 20.14”, “Ros 7.1” these are some names chosen for Leonardo Acerbi Wines, the fragrant synthesis of solar Energy concentrated in the grape juice left until perfectly ripe and cosmic rhythms linked to the phases of the moon, which for thousand of years have ruled pruning and harvesting, fermentation and bottling. Techniques that are born o fan old knowledge of wine and great respesct for nature andits laws.

A fascinating world for connoisseuers of good wine, the Corte del Sole cellar is a wonderful temple of a sacred rite: vonification. During harvesting only choice buncheds are gently pressed to obtain the “fiore2 or first-pressing nectar. After appropiate processing, this must will be left to rest for the necessary period in the large stainless steel tanks at a controller temperature. The wine is then aged in small oak barriques, depnding on the variety of grape. There it stays, in dry, silent and stady conditions, until bottling. End destination is the wine glass, where it can finally burst forth with all its noble fragrances and aromas.